Dragon is a big giant dragon that lives on the top of the mountain.

History Edit

Dragon has lived on the mountain top for a jillion years. He has been watching over the valley for all of that time.

At first, Dragon didn't like it when Littletown was built next to his mountain. He preferred the quiet and peace of nature. When stuffed animals began arriving in Littletown, they were afraid of Dragon. It took a brave little bunny to bring him cheese sandwiches to change Dragon's mind about Littletown.

Now, Dragon loves living next to Littletown, and he looks forward to having cheese sandwiches with his visitors. Dragon even commissioned Mr. Stripes to build a special rail car, known as the Dragon Wagon to go up the steep mountain side to the door of Dragon's cave.

Home Edit

Dragon makes his home in a cozy cave on the mountain top. It has a big fireplace that keeps him warm, toasts cheese sandwiches, and boils water for tea. He has a great big bed to sleep in and a little table and chairs for his friends to sit at.

Occupation Edit

Dragon spends most of his time watching Littletown from his mountain top. He sometimes flies to other towns to get cool stuff like fancy cheese, exotic tea, and cool snacking cups.