Mr. Stripes is a tiger who lives in Littletown. He is a mechanic and he owns a garage across the street from The Haunted Hotel.

History Edit

Mr. Stripes has lived in Littletown his whole life. He built his garage himself.

He married Mama Jaguar, the town Librarian and had two sons, Sleepy and Baby Jaguar.

He has been eating oatmeal for breakfast at The Ghost Cafe for many years.

Home Edit

Mr. Stripes lives above his garage in an apartment with his family. He closes the garage early if he doesn't have cars to work on and makes dinner for Mama Jaguar and the kids.

Occupation Edit

Mr Stripes owns and runs a garage where he fixes cars, but he also fixes other things. Many people and animals in Littletown bring him broken stuff for him to fix.

He also sometimes helps with missions for The Mayor. He is best customer is Wheeley Steeley, who has him tune up Automobiley all the time.