The Haunted Hotel sits in the center of Littletown, next to the town square. It is 8 stories tall, making it the tallest building in town. The hotel is large compared to the rest of the town, having approximately a hundred rooms. Larger suites are located on the lowest floors, while the smallest rooms, mostly for permanent residents, are on the top two floors. There is a flowered balcony at the end of each hallway.

Amenities Edit

There are two elevators for guests to get around the hotel.

There is a conservatory on the first floor, in the east wing.

The Ghost Cafe is also located on the first floor, in the west wing.

Management and Staff Edit

The hotel is owned and operated by Manager Bear. He works at the front desk and supervises the rest of the staff. He seldom ventures away from the front desk.

Little Old Man Steve is the caretaker of the hotel. His duties include taking care of the building and its ghosts. He performs most of the repairs on the building which include plumbing and electrical work. He often gets locked in closets, stuck in the ceiling, or locked out on the balcony and needs help from others.

Binguin and Googley are the cleaning staff. Googley uses Silly Magic to do most of the work while Binguin complains about the noise and funny smells.

Ghosts Edit

A number of ghosts live at the haunted hotel. Most of them are harmless and live in the mirrors. A few powerful ghosts make mischief in the hotel.

Long Legs Jones Edit

Long Legs Jones is a former basketball star who is constantly looking for challengers to play basketball with. The hotel has no basketball court or hoops, and Jones cannot leave the hotel, so even when he does find a challenger, he doesn't get to play. Most of the time he throws trash into the trash cans or recycling bins and celebrates his successful shots, or runs and hides if he hits someone or breaks something.

Crackity Bones Edit

Crackity Bones is a skeleton who likes to hide in closets and behind doors and make scary noises. He thinks that this is very fun and often giggles as he does it, giving away his position.

Spooky Lukey Edit

Spooky Lukey used to be the most mischievous of all the ghosts. He was so scary that many people wouldn't stay in the hotel. Lukey can become solid enough to break things and scratch people. He tried to scratch Zoey when she first arrived at the hotel, but she used her karate on him and he mostly hides when she is around. Lukey still picks on Little Old Man Steve, however.