Wheely Steeley is a daredevil stunt driver. Automobiley is the fastest car in the world.

About Wheeley Steely and Automobiley Edit

Wheeley Steeley is a great driver. He isn't afraid of anything. Most of the time he helps people, but sometimes he gets into trouble. He is a race car driver but he mostly does hero stuff now. He wears a white jumpsuit, with a white cape and white helmet. He always wears sunglasses, even when it's dark and he can't see. He also loves Taco Tuesday but the tacos are too spicy for him, so he gets a lot of sour cream.

Automobiley is a talking car that is the fastest in the world. He is best friends with Wheeley Steeley. He is a big red car with cool yellow wheels. He can drive himself, but also lets Wheeley Steeley drive him. They communicate with radios when they are apart.

Occupation Edit

Wheeley Steely and Automobiley do secret missions for The Mayor. It totally hush-hush, but sometimes they need help with things, so they get Zoey, Mr. Stripes, or Dr. Fox to help.